AirSculpt® Laser Liposuction FAQs

Whats the difference between Laser Lipo, Smart Lipo and AirSculpt® Lipo?
Laser Lipo and Smart Lipo is Liposuction done either awake or asleep (general anesthesia) that uses a laser to soften fat and tighten skin. Many patients think the laser melts or zaps the fat, it does not. Instead, after the fat is softened, traditional liposuction is still performed to remove the fat. Traditional Liposuction basically scrapes the fat and tissue out of the body with a tube similar to a cheese grater.

AirSculpt is a completely different procedure and we use a laser for the same reason – to tighten skin and soften the fat. However, we use no needles, no scalpel and no stitches. Most importantly, instead of regular liposuction, we use an automated hand piece and a special tube that moves over 1000 times a minute in a perfect motion so we can GENTLY remove the fat, cell by cell, and sculpt the body. Read more on the differences between traditional Liposuction and AirSculpt® here.

What is the recovery time?
The typical recovery time is 1-3 days and can depend on the area of your procedure. However, many of our patients return to work the next day with only minor limitations.

Can I drive myself home?
For your safety you must have a responsible adult drive you home after surgery. It is always great to have a friend or family member be with you after the surgery.

Is the procedure painful?
No. In fact, many patients tell us that the procedure feels like a massage or a ticklish feeling.

What do the scars look like?
Because the size of the device we use is only 2mm, the mark is similar to a freckle or natural skin blemish. Other procedures often leave a line and suture marks, which show the world that you, had surgery.

Will I be put to sleep?
No. Only a local anesthetic is needed for AirSculpt® procedures. For those who are especially nervous, we may administer medication only to help calm your nerves. General anesthesia has many risks and we want our patients to have the fewest possible risks and get back to their routine ASAP.