Patient Testimonials

“The office staff at Elite Body Sculpture is THE BEST! The are so kind and caring and go above and beyond. I was extremely nervous for my procedure but they made me feel so comfortable. I’m one week out and starting to feel great! I can’t wait to see my results in the next few weeks!”
-Anonymous Review from – Jun 27th, 2014

“Loved my procedure! I have wanted to get rid of my midriff for over ten years! I hated the thought of going under anesthesia, when I discovered Elite, I was thrilled with the entire process…The staff from start to finish was fabulous….Dr. Blome was excellent and the results were far better than I ever expected! There was some pain for the first three days but nothing that was not manageable with Tylenol. I highly recommend this for anyone wanting to have your shape back!”
-T. Hays – May 20th, 2014

“I would recommend friends. I liked the friendly staff and I also received flowers, which was surprising. The flowers made me feel like they cared about my recovery; more than a post-op appointment.”
-Anonymous Patient – Jun 4th, 2014

-A. CORDOVA – Jun 25th, 2014

“I definitely would recommend this to a friend, the doctor was so polite and curious to your needs, I did my arms and arm pits, I literally saw results in the next 3 days. And let me tell you I was amazed at the difference. RECOMMENDED!!!!”
-Anonymous Patient – Jun 27th, 2014

“I just wanted to check in and let you all know that I am doing great. There are no words to express my gratitude for everything you all did to take such good care of me while I was there this weekend.

Things are coming along great- I have been back to work since yesterday and feeling more comfortable every day.

Please extend my gratitude to Dr. Blome and the ladies as well – I literally cannot thank you all enough!”

-Elite BodySculpting Patient

“Hi Kara! So yesterday was 2 weeks to the day of the procedure. I know it’s early and there’s still healing to do, but I thought I’d share some updates with you. I’m ecstatic about the results as of now! I just cannot believe it! Feel free to use the pics wherever you’d like. I totally don’t mind and will send updates along the way. Might be good to have some what to expect at 2 weeks, 4 weeks, etc., for people to see. I just know for me the not knowing what was normal and what to expect has been difficult, but after last night all of my fears were put to rest. I am just so so soooooo happy with the results and so grateful! You are all incredible, & I can’t thank you enough for everything! :)

ps…I’ve got about 10 people asking me when he’s coming to DC lol. Keep me updated on that as I’d def be interested in the tummy!”

“I finally took the compression garment off today and OMG, I am amazed!

The whole procedure was so delightful and easy, Dr. Rollins was so nice and my boyfriend being in there really helped a lot. I’m thrilled with my new chin (I have a ballerina neck now!), and have absolutely no bruising and no pain at all. I’m literally over the moon.

Needless to say, lets move forward with the other two areas, I’d like to schedule for September if possible.

Thank you so, so much again, I could not be happier, am on my way to write a rave Yelp review now!”

-Happy Patient, May 2014

“Hi Kara,
I just wanted to thank you for everything through this whole process I was telling Nick on the plane on the way there that the service I have received was the best I have ever had anywhere!

Then I got there and it just got better the nurses in the room were so awesome and made me feel so comfortable and Dr. Yovino was amazing he was so patient and made me feel so relaxed and confident with him!!

I am a little embarrassed from the stories my husband told me about when I had the laughing gas on lol
And then the service after was phenomenal!!! The fact that I was dehydrated and Dr. Yovino offered to come get me and take me to the office for fluids was outstanding!! You don’t see that treatment anywhere!! And you have followed up with me even though I am not there anymore!

I can’t even put into words how grateful I am!!

Thank you so much for everything!!”

- Chantel T.

“This is a phenomenal place. If you were to ask me a year ago if I were going to get lipo let alone a mini tummy tuck I wouldnt believe you. The team here is amazing. The energy is great. Kara Is so open, patient, and helpful and really takes the time in comforting you. Tara is amazing too.
The excess skin on my belly has always bothered me. I was a big kid when i was younger. Dr. Yovino took such good care of me. I heard horror stories of drainage and leakage after these procedures but there was hardly any. He somehow got rid of it. While he was “cutting the fat” i felt like I was talking to a buddy and it really eased my nerves… the gas helped too ;-). His bed side manner is impeccable. He knows his stuff. He listened to what my concerns and needs were. He is always available if I have questions. I feel his genuine care as if I were a friend. I really appreciate this. I asked him if it was safe for me to go Vegan. he said yes… and he actually emailed me info on how to do it and why it actually is a good idea. He went the extra mile. Its still early in the game and I am still swollen… but so far I am happy with what I see. I feel like a new man already. Rollins and Yovino are a GREAT team and I would recommend everyone including my family to go to them.” – Gene K.

Five Days After Surgery:
Five days ago Dr. Yovino from Elite Body Sculpture performed abdominal Liposuction / plus sculpture/ lower eyelid and fat injections in face and hands. Great part, no general Anesthesia.. Felt no pain and I look amazing. Flat tummy, young eyes, smooth face and hands. Dr. Yovino is The very best!!
8 Days After Surgery: Sutures out. No Scars!!!
22 Jan 2014 8 days post
I need to mention his office staff were so nice. They were attentive to every need. I was a little nervous when I first arrived for the surgery but there was no need for that. Dr. Yovino is gentle, careful, board certified. Had my sutures out two days ago under my eyes. NO SCARS!!! WOW!!! Not bad for a total of eight-days since the surgery.

As a glamour model my body is literally my business. One week after surgery I was posing for Penthouse Magazine. Two weeks after surgery I did a two city, twenty show feature dancing tour. For fast recover and centerfold results go to Dr Aaron Rollins.

Ryan Keely
Penthouse Pet of the Year Runner-up 2011

Happy Liposuction Patient

Happy liposuction patient standing with Dr. Aaron Rollins right after having 1 gallon of fat removed from her body.

Written by a happy patient of Dr. Justin Yovino:

“I am over “50″ and menopause has not been kind to me (lol) anywho I decided get a jump start (ie: lipo). I had previously attempted this procedure however the results were not at all what I expected which gave me reason for concern. Well long story short I was not happy when I looked at myself in the mirror so I decided to try lipo one more time. I went on a mad Google search and while in search I saw a program on television about Elite Body. OMG this couldn’t be real, so I goggled and researched this business & couldn’t find anything but positive reviews. Deep breaths, I called and spoke with the office manager asking if there was any way to do the consultation over the phone due to my work schedule (she said yes WOW. She asked me to send pictures of the area I was interested and she would have the doctor review it and we would again speak. Upon receiving my pictures, I was advised that truly an informed conversation could not be had because the pictures didn’t exactly show how much was actually being “pinched” ( if you can pinch it they can take it). Again I advised that due to my schedule it was difficult to come in WELL at that point I was told that Saturday appointments were available and in fact the following Saturday was available… OH YEAH

OK here goes I get there and the staff was WONDERFUL. I was taken into a room & asked to undress (bra & panties) for the consultation. I hate mirrors and good lighting lol. Dr. Yovino came in and the consultation began. My embarrassment disappeared he me made fell so comfortable in all of my FAT (lol) explaining what he could do & however the uptake would be my responsibility. After the consultation I was sold there wasn’t any amount of money that would keep me from having this procedure done.
My appointment was made for a Saturday (great), I brought my girlfriend because they said I could have a guest. I was a little nervous (mainly of the unknown). Dr Yovino came in and again explained the process, I was given medication to relax my nerves and then guided to the procedure room. I was numbed at that point and didn’t even realize it, then the process began. I FELT NOTHING I had my girlfriend take various pictures (what a trooper) and by the time it was over I really never knew it had started. After recovery when I saw what was taken out of me I was truly overwhelmed OMG I was FAT (lol). I keep the picture as my incentive NEVER to left that happen again.

Now fast forward, again due to my schedule Dr. Yovino agreed to see me for my 1 week follow-up on a Saturday coming in early to accommodate me (what a guy). He examined me explaining that I would get even smaller that what I currently had become once the swelling had gone down (YEA). Well all I can say at this point swelling and all is that I now LOVE LOVE LOVE mirrors and can’t wait till my 3 month appointment !!!”

Kymberleigh N.

Hi Aaron,
Hope all is well….just wanted to let you know how my chin recovery is coming along….in a word, amazing :-)

I know the result isn’t complete yet because I have the ‘melting snow’ effect you were talking about, but even as a work in progress it looks fantastic. I can’t believe what a difference it makes to my face.

I think the result has also been helped by the fact that I’ve already dropped the 10 pounds I picked up from not being able to workout. VERY pleased to have shifted the weight.

That being said, you are indeed correct, I’m going to be a repeat customer. I still really want to do my chest, because no amount of exercise is going to fix the problem.
Thanks again for doing such a great job.

I know it is 4 am…. but I HAD to write this email….

I am sorry I doubted you guys..

I know you kept saying it is not painful.. but I did not believe you.

we even had a nurse with us just in case I needed help and could not move :)

BUT it IS like a soreness after a workout…

SO please THANK the dr. for me ;)

Helloooooooooo… All healed and feeling GREAT!!! I can not tell you how happy I am with my results! Ok, you are a certified genius!Am glad to hear people are taking my advice. Mother is thrilled and I believe my aunt is next on your table!

It has become a family affair lol.

FYI: I love my chin!!!! U preformed a miracle face lift. Thanks for ur genuine kindness and concern.
Warmest Regards,

Good Morning Kara,

I wanted to say thank you, to you, Dr. Rollins and his staff for being so kind and caring throughout my entire process ?

I greatly appreciate that you have been an email away answering every question that I’ve had.
Dr. Rollins is AMAZING!! I was so nervous the day of my procedure but as soon as I started talking to him all my nervousness went away. He made sure I was doing ok through the entire procedure and I didn’t feel a thing ? he has magic hands and is the best!! It’s just been a couple of days but I can see the difference already ? and I am ecstatic! Of course, I’m taking it easy since I still have more healing to do but, I’m loving the results!!! Thank you so much to everyone at Elite!!

I had liposuction and fat transfer to my breasts by Dr. Aaron Rollins. I could not have asked for better doctor.

Dr. Rollins and his staff are awesome. They are warm and professional, and I felt totally comfortable the entire time.

During my consultation, Dr. Rollins was patient and kind. I never felt rushed, and I could tell by talking to him that he was truly excited about his work. He answered all of my questions, and addressed all of my concerns about the procedure. He gave me written instructions, and even called the day before my procedure to make sure that I understood everything.

During my procedure, Dr. Rollins constantly checked on me and made sure that I wasn’t feeling any discomfort. He explained everything that he was doing. He took his time throughout the procedure and made sure that my body was perfect. He is passionate about, and proud of the work that he does. He and his staff treated me like royalty. He personally called and checked on me the evening of my procedure, and the following day.

The best part is that only one day post-op my body looks amazing! I am absolutely thrilled with my results. My thighs are already smaller, and my breasts are perfect! I am not swollen, and I am not in any pain. I can not put into words the amount of gratitude I feel toward Dr. Rollins. He has literally transformed my body. I can’t imagine being any happier with the work that he has done. I highly recommend Dr. Rollins, and have already referred my friends.

Shanna R.

I did a lot of research about Dr. Rollins beforehand. Two things about Dr. Rollins that made me choose him: 1. He has an absolute passion for sculpture and studied it; which requires skill, and would only enhance his surgical ability; and 2. He is someone that is in the public eye at redcarpet events, and has performed some celebrity procedures. He has an even greater image and a standing to uphold in the quality of his work; he wouldn’t let me walk out of there not looking my best if his reputation could be so adversely and publicly affected.

Just wanted to check in with my Elite Body Sculpture family. My experience with you all was great and comfortable. I have yet to take off this undergarment to see what i actually look like. Ive already changed my eating habits which has resulted in me not feeling slugish. Also I really appreciate the flowers that I received from you all yesterday, i was very surprised.
thanks again. Oh and my sister in law has an upcoming consultation with you all on Saturday =)

Dr. Rollins was genuinely interested in making me feel comfortable & in experienced, professional hands. He listened carefully to my questions & explained every detail about the procedure. Recovery was a breeze & I feel great. I can actually look at my body in the mirror again & smile!!

My surgery went great and Dr. Rollins was fantastic! It has been about a two and a half months and I LOVE my new flat tummy!!!! I have no problem putting my sexy dresses on now!

My outer thighs have/had rather ;) always been my 1 problem spot. Now, thanks to the artistry & expertise of Dr. Rollins, they’re bikini-ready.

I have to admit, i was worried after a few months and saw little results, then bam it came in, and I’m still healing after my surgery in may, any male that is thinking about this procedure, do it! Cudos to Dr.Rollins and his staff at the Beverly Hills location, they told me to be patient, and i finally accepted it, and it only gets better from here. I recommend this procedure to ALL men who are on the fence, take my advice, u won’t be disappointed!

Dr. Aaron Rollins is the best. Areas that I worked so hard to define at the gym was gone immediately. I’m blown away over my results, which are awe inspiring. The recovery time was great as well, very minimum swelling and bruising…by day 3 I was back at the gym, not doing anything strenuous; but nevertheless I was working out rather than lying in a bed not able to move.

As for Dr. Rollins, he’s the best. In a sea of competition he is definitely the big fish. He was very attentive, comforting and efficient during the procedure. And like I said, I already see a great improvement in appearance and a reduction in inches. I can’t wait to see what I will look like in a month! I only wish I had done this sooner.

Dr. Rollins is bomb awesome! From the moment I met him, I knew I could trust him. His calm demeanor and honesty made me confident that going through with the procedure was the right decision.

After meeting Dr. Rollins, I was very pleased because I could tell from the start he was very honest and wasn’t just trying to get my money. He offered his opinion on whether or not to get the Brazilian butt lift, saying I should not fix something that wasn’t broken, and by then I knew I liked him. He was honest!!!! Finally, someone in LA who is not fake!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, I decided to do lipo on my entire midsection as well as my arms and I cannot stress how much I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee my new body and with the help of these AMAZING people I am now so much more confident and happy on a daily basis. I LOVE DR. ROLLINS.

I would do this procedure a million times again if I could and recommend it to anyone who has doubts about their self. It changed my life and I am so thankful I met Dr. Rollins bc now I lost 7% body fat and keep working towards losing more.

When I met with Dr. Rollins, he was so comfortable and easy going, it solidified my decision. I was comfortable bearing all my physical flaws in body, taking in his suggestions and comments.

When Dr. Rollins was doing the procedure it felt sort of like a massage. I didn’t follow the Doctors orders and went shopping the next day, I wouldn’t recommend that, but I was fine. It was about the fourth day that I felt pretty much back to normal. It doesn’t hurt, it’s just a different feeling. After 2 weeks my arms looked so good I was excited to do the rest of my body.

Dr. Rollins always makes sure to call the evening of the procedure

Hi doc just wanted to tell you that the results are amazing! Thank you very much! Next time i will do my lower stomach.

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