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I had a great experience! My doctor was the best! I am in the stages of healing and I could not be more pleased. My husband and I both feel that the process was SO worth it! Anyone contemplating the procedure, go in for a consult and just do it!

Tiffany H, December 2017

I highly recommend the laser lipo to new moms who are struggling with the c-section pooch, especially those who struggle with pain to their c-section scar months after postpartum. I know I did, and the moment the weight was removed via lipo, my pain from carrying around the extra pounds went away!!

Cynthia F, December 2017

Great doc… dr Jung is talented and knows immediately when he sees areas. His is eye is trained to see beyond what a patient will see. Recommended

Dr Jung is super busy too and has two offices. Make sure to see both offices for full body results for other cosmetic procedures.

Stacy M, December 2017

Couldn’t be any more pleased! I came in with a mind set of what I was expecting and they surpassed my expectations! They made me feel so comfortable along the way. Dr. Blome was so kind and makes sure you know what’s going on during the procedure. He even gives you his personal number in case you ever have any questions or concerns post op. I had a laser liposuction procedure and it’s been about a month since I had it done and I look and feel amazing! I would recommend elite body sculpture to anyone!

Edith M, December 2017

I am two weeks out from my procedure and I am so excited. I am very happy with my results already. Dr. Blome told me what to expect so there were no surprises. My recovery has gone well with minimal discomfort. Elite Body Sculpture exceeded my expectations. The staff was awesome.

Kimberly F, December 2017

If you are looking to get your body shaped, Elite Body Sculpture is the place to go to! I just loved the way I got treated since day one. The staff and the doctor were very specific with procedures and treatments and they also offer financial plans. Elite Body Sculpture got me one step closer to my dream body!

Christina A, December 2017

This was a very quick and easy procedure. I had full abdomen, inner thigh and fat transfer done. I was in and out and I literally went home that same day. Dr. Lind was very accommodating and walked me through the whole process. This is something that is very convenient for anyone who can’t take off work or afford to just lay around for two weeks. I definitely recommend.

Christina L, December 2017

My experience here was amazing! Everyone is welcoming and helpful. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone looking to get airsculpt. The procedure went great and I was up and moving in no time. Dr. Lind was the one who did my procedure; he was very professional and nice (as well as the nurse who took care of me!).

Chris Acevedo, November 2017

Initially I was quite hesitant, but upon entering the office I felt welcomed immediately. No judgmental eyes or anything. My consultation went smoothly and I felt so comfortable with my doctor. Dr.Blome is funny and explained anything I had asked.

Fast forward to the day of the procedure I had butterflies. I was so nervous I could’ve vomited. My attending nurse was so patient with me. My vein took forever to show and she did whatever she could to expedite the process. I would like to also note from someone who is afraid of needles she gave me the injections without me even feeling a thing. During the operation the doctor will numb you first. I read countless reviews on how it would feel. I have low pain tolerance and it doesn’t hurt. The numbing fluid feels kind of funny and cold when it enters your body. On to the actual laser part of it, that definitely feels interesting. I was expecting to feel pain and I didn’t. I couldn’t even tell it was inside. It was a very intriguing and grotesque thing to witness seeing all that fat coming out. I don’t even remember how long it took but it went by so quickly.

It has been a little over two weeks now. I didn’t bruise as much as I thought I would. Definitely still feel my body is tender. It is a delicate healing process for sure. I can say even though it’s been only a few weeks I am loving how flat my stomach is becoming and my arms are not jiggly anymore. The best part of this is that I doesn’t look like I had anything done. You still look like you and I feel the result is so gradual people will just think you lost weight naturally.

Vannisa Phommavongsa, November 2017

This was such an amazing experience. Everyone there makes you feel comfortable and they are attentive to all of your needs. I love all of my results couldn’t be happier. Thank you all at elite body sculpture for an amazing experience and making my wishes come true.

Kishaunda Randell, November 2017

Dr. Jung performed the airsculpt liposculpture procedure on my arms. I’m highly satisfied with my results or should I say I’m in love with my results. I always had big arms and bat wings no matter how much weight I loss or working out I did. The procedure was done without any scalpel or anesthesia. I was up during the procedure talking with Dr Jung and staff. The bruising was minimal and I didn’t have any pain. The staff are very helpful, warm and the environment is inviting and comfortable. I have plans to get another procedure at Elite Body Sculpture with Dr. Jung. I highly recommend airsculpting with Elite Body Sculpture.

Keisha Hicks, November 2017

Sarah Miller is so wonderful to deal with and Dr. Dexter Blome is the BEST surgeon ever! Everyone on the staff is very professional and kind. The surgeon was a dream come true. Very honest, makes you comfortable and makes sure you are as comfortable as possible during the procedure. Very glad I chose this office over others.

Stacey McHenry, November 2017

Waking up every morning to seeing this new body is the best part of my day

I’m so excited to hear that Dr. Rollins loved my results and wants to post my picture online, I hope my before and after picture can help someone else make that decision to get some work done. You guys are the BEST!

Thank you,
Janet Hernandez

Janet Hernandez

Elite Body Sculpting is amazing! I had the best experience beginning from the super friendly and professional front desk staff to all the nurses and Dr. Lind!! I had front upper and lower abdomen lipo and I am very happy with my results! I honestly could not have chosen a better place to have this done. The procedure is fast, painless and most importantly it does not require general anesthesia which made me feel much safer. The recovery time is very fast, I was able to return to work within 3 days. Dr. Lind and his entire staff are always there to answer all your questions!

September 2017

I had liposculpture done on my chin, flanks, abdomen, arms and neck back hump two weeks ago and I could not be happier! Overall a painless procedure, Dr. Jung was great and had amazing bedside manner and the nurses and staff are all friendly and welcoming. I’m two weeks post-op and saw amazing results actually within 1 week. My waist has not been this small since high school and my double chin is completely gone! I would 100% recommend everyone here and would totally do it again!

June 2017

Elite Body Sculpture is a great company and business for cosmetic procedures. I’ve already had lipo in the past and Dr. Lind was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions/concerns regarding the procedure. He was very straightforward and I appreciated that. Channing was a great help throughout the whole process! I asked SO many questions and she was great about responding and answering every single one. I was able to go to work the next day with soreness but it was great not being under anesthesia. I still have a couple of more months to see the results of it which I’m excited about. Just remember this will not be a fix all! Eating healthier and exercising are still super important to maintaining results. Thank you  EBS!

by Amanda Lampkins

This place is truly great! My experience here was awesome and the the staff is great. I was so nervous about getting the procedure but Dr. Jung was extremely patient with me and didn’t rush me through anything. They truly care about you feeling comfortable and making everything a breeze for you. The best part was I returned to work that same week and barely had any pain!! I highly recommend this place 🙂

by Priscilla Islas

Great result fast recovery and no pain at all.

by Angel Maradiaga

Dr. Blome was very nice and informative. He made me feel comfortable and explained the procedure in detail every step of the way. Would highly recommend!

by Natalie Burrows

If I never look better than I do today- 2 days after Surgery. Then I’m happy. You’re amazing . Thx xxxxxxxx


I’m so glad I came to this clinic! Dr Jung was awesome, staff was very sweet and caring and concerned about what I felt and my desire to achieve results quickly bit safely! Procedure was very comfortable and Dr was very realistic. Showed the same genuine concern before during and after surgery! And I think was as excited about my results as I was when I went for my first postop exam! Not to mention that I told them I was on a budget and they actually gave me a discount so I could get more done! If your looking for the safest clinic with the fastest results, this is the place and Dr Jung is the Dr to see!!

by Tammy Gross

I had no idea that my body was going to change the way it did after the surgery! Dr.Calvin Jung is amazing! I got 14lbs of fat removed from mu abdominal area with no complications. Dr. Jung called and checked on me during recovery every step of the way. My results so far are more than what I expected. The office staff is so sweet and professional and handled me with the utmost care. If I ever decide to do additional enhancements I will ONLY take my business here.

by Christina Dortch


by Mark Vargas


by BeautiTwin 2

My experience at Elite Body Sculpture was amazing. The surgeon made me feel comfortable during my consultation as well as during the procedure and the staff answered any questions I had. I would definitely recommend this place to others.

by Sandy Torres

I had AirSculpt® Laser LiposculptureI on my abdomen and sides (muffin roll) and I couldn’t be happier with the overall experience. Doctor Gabbay was open and very engaging, often making my husband and I laugh during the procedure. We both felt very relaxed and comfortable. It’s been two weeks since my procedure and I already see some improvements in some areas of my midsection. I can’t wait to see the final outcome in a couple of months. I thought the office staff were very professional and I would highly recommend Doctor Gabbay to my family and friends.

by Violet

I had a procedure done by Dr. Jung. He was absolutely great and made me feel extremely comfortable. He listened to what I wanted done and provided me with his professional opinion. I was very nervous but Dr. Jung and his staff were amazing and made me feel comfortable. I’m still in the healing process but so far I can see a big difference and I feel absolutely great about it. I did get sick after because my body couldn’t handle the medication very well but Dr. Jung personally called and text to check on me, and when I needed extra medication for nausea he immediately called it in for me. The pain after the procedure was minimal. I had a friend who did liposuction where they put you to sleep and use a different type of method and she said she was in pain for over two weeks. I was back running after two weeks of my procedure. I’m excited to see how my results will turn out in the next few months. I would highly recommend Elite Body Sculpture and Dr. Jung to anyone considering liposuction.

by Nancy Jauregui

Dr. Jung is an amazing and relatable doctor. He and his staff ensured that I was comfortable and all times and I even text him with concerns and responds right away. He establishes a rapport with you and he remembers you when he sees you. I love the staff and I don’t regret my decision..best decision ever!!

by Kashley Brown

I highly recommend Elite Body Sculpture. Dr. Jung is a great doctor. I had a treatment 2 weeks ago on a Wednesday and I was back to work the next day. The procedure is very light. You don’t feel anything. The staff and doctor explains everything very well. After my surgery Dr. Jung and the staff called me to see how I was doing and I was even able to text with Dr. Jung. Don’t wait if you want to look better. The money that you are going to spend is going to be worth it. Thank you Dr. Jung and staff!

by Maribel Torres

Dr. Jung and the staff here in Houston, TX are amazing! My procedure went well with no complications. I had work done on abdomen area and love handles and am extremely pleased with my results!

by Mieka Harris

Dr. Vanik is very experienced in the Lipo field. He was very detailed and took the time to explain the procedure during my consultation. He also answered any questions I had at any time for reassurance. I was nervous the day of surgery but he did an excellent job on my arms! I saw dramatic results after 2 weeks! I went back to work the next day! I am so lucky that he was my surgeon! I have no regrets at all! I use to dislike my arms, now I’m love them! I just got the green light to workout, so GYM, here I come! He shoots for the satisfaction of his patients. Yes, he does call after surgery personally to check on you. Thank you Dr. Vanik

by Kisha Everson on Apr 1st, 2016

A great experience with an excellent doctor show details A great experience with an excellent doctor.

What I like about Dr. Blome is that he is very straight forward and honest about your outcome and what to be expected. He was concerned and attentive to my comfort throughout my lipo air sculpt procedure which took about 4 hrs from start to finish. I am happy to say that this procedure along with a healthy eating life style has change my life in many ways. I went from size 20-22 (before procedure) back to my pre-baby sizes 14-16 in 5 weeks post!!! I would definitely recommend Airsculpt especially If you want to get rid of stubborn fat painlessly while awake with little to no downtime. Thank you Dr. Blome and staff for your help.

by Africa Crittenden on Apr 2nd, 2016

Dr Blone was very patient and considerate. He showed great concern for the area I needed work on. He made sure I understood how the procedure works and what the outcome is to be expected. He honest and diligent at his work. I would definitely refer anyone needing minimal Lipo. He made me comfortable and confident. Thank you Dr. Blone I will be seeing you again

by Laura Lane on Apr 25th, 2016

Dr.Bloom and his staff are very professional and knowledgeable. I’m enjoyed the atmosphere during my procedure and the have been helpful and attentive during my healing process . I will refer them to all my friends and family.

by Roslyn Manners on Apr 15, 2016

Excellent customer service!!! I felt comfortable from the moment I walked in for my first visit. I know I can call up Dr. Vanik or Sophea at anytime. Dr. Vanik is very patient. Sophea is very friendly. I love how comfortable they made me feel. I am in the healing process. 2 weeks down, 4 weeks to go! 🙂

by Jennifer Avila on Apr 27, 2016

I had a full abdomen and fat transfer to my breast done and I am overjoyed with the results! Dr. Jung and the entire staff were absolutely wonderful. Have you ever had a doctor to freely give you their cellphone number to contact them in the event you had any questions/concerns? I can tell you Dr. Jung did! He, himself, called to check on me a couple hours after my procedure, and we even exchanged a couple of text messages to address some questions I had.

Okay back to my procedure.. I am 1 month post procedure, and I definitely can see the benefits of having it done. My husband constantly tells how great I look and it is very impressed with the results. Don’t get me wrong, he always complimented me before, he just merely acknowledges the difference he sees. I absolutely love my breast! They remind me of the full breast I had when I was nursing my children :-). Having this procedure done gave me the jump start I needed to get my body ready for the summer.

by S. T (Saria Nelson) on Apr 27, 2016

Dr. Rasi and staff are amazing!!! This experience changed my life!! I was afraid to go in thinking I was too overweight. The staff made me feel very relaxed and welcome. Jennifer took time and explained the process and the cost of each procedure. She helped with recommendations for financing as well. She called a couple of times before the procedure and took the time to call after as well. Even the women at the front desk was so kind. I am a business owner, so good customer service is key! They have it!!!

Dr. Rasi made me feel at ease about everything that was going to happen. I was so nervous and insecure, especially having to remove all my clothes; I didn’t have to worry. He was so professional and not judgmental. I felt so at ease. He and his staff were so amazing. The nurses that are with you in the procedure are so awesome. They are there to talk to you and help in any way. I was made to feel like I was family. You are not another number here. They truly care about you, how you feel, what your results are! The procedure itself was not very painful and the recovery was so easy. I was so afraid that I would not be able to move or go to work. I returned to work within 2 days of the procedure and honestly I was not in pain at all. It was a bit uncomfortable wearing all the pads but other than that I had no discomfort, and I am a big chicken.

I have been overweight for so long and have tried everything. I had two children many years ago and couldn’t get rid of the baby pouch. I had this procedure and for the first time in so many years I am happy. I have gone down 2 dress sizes and I am able to wear outfits that I could only dream about wearing. I had these procedures 6 months ago and I am still seeing new better results. I want to schedule my chin to be done next.

The best part about having this done is how amazing you feel about yourself. Again, I have tried everything and failed. Yes, I look great on the outside but I can’t tell you how amazing I feel on the inside. The confidence I have, the glow about myself shines so bright. What Dr. Rasi and his staff have done, is priceless for me! They have given me my life back! No more hiding behind big baggy clothes. I am a new women and I owe it all to Elite.

Thank you so much Dr. Rasi and staff. You are all amazing! 5 Stars!!! I will be back soon.

I don’t know where to start or how to say thank you to Dr. Schaffner and his staff at Elite Body Sculpture in NY. I have always been blessed with good health and in shape but after turning 50 my body started to change and nothing was working. It took me another two years and lots of research before I found the perfect doctor. I am only 3 months post procedure and I couldn’t be any happier with how I look and feel. I had a full abdominal, waist and love handles done and I can honestly say the procedure was not painful at all. Recovery is a little tough for me the third day was the worse but so worth it. A week after my surgery I could see some results and was feeling so much better. Not only are my results amazing but my over all health has improved. My cholesterol is lower and I am able to exercise more easily and it may sound funny but I can tie my shoes and bend with no problem. I wasn’t looking for a “quick fix” and I loved how honest Dr. Schaffner was with me. I never felt pressured. He answered all my questions and concerns and delivered amazing results. After having made this investment and gone through the surgery I am motivate and determined to not only have my body back but keep it for years to come.

Elite Body Sculpture is the best there is. From beginning to end they are professional, caring and very patient. Kara, how do I start to say thank you for everything. Through the whole process you had my back, you understood and I am forever grateful. Love, love my results and I still got 3 more months to go. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Schaffner and his staff they are simply the best!

“Dr. Blome and his staff were amazing. The initial consultation was quite thorough. Dr. Blome explained what he could and couldn’t do with the procedure and how aesthetics played into how he approached my particular case. During the procedure, he explained each step as we went along, to make sure I knew what was going on at all times. I had three procedures in total and he followed up with me personally a few hours after each procedure and the next day. His staff was incredibly professional and personable, and they really put me at ease as well.”

by Elizabeth on Feb 18th, 2015

Thank you for reaching me so quickly, I will be contacting Kara with the appropriate photos and information later today. On a different note, each time I have contacted the Beverly Hills office whomever I’ve been connected to via phone has been not only polite and professional but I love the fact that all my questions were answered perfectly. It is SO refreshing to feel at ease and know all questions/doubts will be quickly and sufficiently answered–I’m already impressed with the good vibes of the staff! Thank you again for the timely email, and a great day to you as well!

I am completely thrilled with my results. I have never had a waistline before and even that was topped of with rolls of fat. Dr. Blome said that he would do an amazing job, and he did . I am 3 months post op and sexy as all get out!!!!! I didn’t think anything could be done to reshape my body; I WAS WRONG.. I don’t know if Dr. Blome and his superior staff know exactly what they did for my life, but I can tell you; this was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have been contemplating this for years and consulted with at least 4 Doctors, I was scared and apprehensive, but felt comfortable enough after meeting with Dr. Blome to take the plunge. No down time, but slight soreness after the procedure for a couple of days. If you’re on the fence about this I would highly recommend you go see Dr. Blome and the staff at Elite; he’s not only a Doctor to me, I consider him an Artist and Sculpturer………I will return to him in a heart beat if I want anything else done.

– V.T.R. on Oct 23rd, 2014

I did not come to the decision lightly to make the investment in what I considered my mid-life health revitalization! After much research I knew I had found the right docFtor to facilitate my transformation after my very first point of contact w/ Dr. Blome’s office. Channing, the Patient Coordinator was highly responsive when it came to answering my endless questions. Miriam, Chelsea and the entire team treated me like family and were even kind enough to share some of their own personal procedure results to help ensure I had realistic expectations. Dr. Blome personally called me each and every night after every procedure (I did full body) to make certain I felt comfortable. Not only did they help me transform my body, but they helped me transform my over health and vitality! I would highly recommend placing your trust in Dr. Blome and team – in a word…EXCEPTIONAL.

Anonymous Review on Oct 23rd, 2014

I had a great experience with Dr. Blome and his staff. Everyone was very professional and caring and I felt at ease from the moment I arrived until the moment I left. I had my arms and full abdomen airsculpted and fat transferred to my breasts. I was amazed at how easy it was and I loved that I could be awake and talking through the entire procedure. I was back to normal routine within 2 days. I am over 2 weeks out and my results are outstanding! I would definitely recommend Dr. Blome to everyone!! I couldn’t be happier!

Oct 23rd, 2014

Amazing!!! My clothes fit amazing. 4 weeks post- op. Can’t wait to see the final results in a couple months. Staff was courteous, professional. Such a warm and relaxing environment listening to my favorite music on Pandora while getting my procedure down. Thanks Dr.Blome and your wonderful staff.

North Houston on Oct 23rd, 2014

During the consultation for liposuction, Dr. Blome was very professional and detailed. On the day of my procedure he put me at ease by talking to me through the entire process. He is very sincere and cares about his patients. I highly recommend him.

L. T. on Oct 22nd, 2014

“Mats Hagstrom did the impossible, gave me the chest I always wanted. I struggled to get the extra “fat” off my chest for a long time and nothing worked. I tried the Ultrasound treatments at other places you see on coupon with a G, with no results. I was told by other doctors that the tissue was to hard and would have to be cut out. When Mats told me that he could get it out with his technology at Elite Body Sculpture in Roseville CA I was very skeptical, but the results speak for themselves. I now have the chest I always wanted and can rip my shirt off anytime with total confidence, thanks to Mats.”

– September 8th, 2014

“First of all I want to start by saying that I’ve been wanting to get the laser lipo awhile ago but my researches made me wait this long. I heard of elite body sculpture from a friend of mine and decided to make an appt for consultation. First appt went great met Dr Hagstrom and his nurse Angela. He explained the procedure and looked at the areas I wanted to get done. Two weeks later I scheduled my surgery date August 28,2014 As of today sept 4 is been 1week. Can I say I Love it? Yes! Dr Hagstrom is one of the best at given your body the best curves you’ve dreamed with little pain and no knife or stitches. He is the best at lipo laser and I would recommend you or my friends to go to him without a fear. He’s so patient and will respond to any question u have and make u feel comfortable and safe with his work. I had full abdominal bra rolls and fat transfer to my bottoms. And I am in love. I can’t stop taking pictures even tho I’m still bruised from the surgery. The recovery is alittle tough but so worth it. I have a small waist 25″ Beyonce butt and flat abs. Can’t wait for the next few weeks to take a pix on a bikini.. I fell in love with Dr Hagstrom work. He’s amazing at what he does and so confident. Which is a plus! I love my new body that’s all I got to say… Happy me”

– Bella.H on September 4th, 2014

“The office staff at Elite Body Sculpture is THE BEST! The are so kind and caring and go above and beyond. I was extremely nervous for my procedure but they made me feel so comfortable. I’m one week out and starting to feel great! I can’t wait to see my results in the next few weeks!”

-Anonymous Review from Vitals.com – Jun 27th, 2014

“I finally took the compression garment off today and OMG, I am amazed! The whole procedure was so delightful and easy, Dr. Rollins was so nice and my boyfriend being in there really helped a lot. I’m thrilled with my new chin (I have a ballerina neck now!), and have absolutely no bruising and no pain at all. I’m literally over the moon. Needless to say, lets move forward with the other two areas, I’d like to schedule for September if possible. Thank you so, so much again, I could not be happier, am on my way to write a rave Yelp review now!”

—Happy Patient

“I am two weeks post surgery and I can not believe my belly looks this good even with a little swelling. Dr. Hagstrom and Elite Body Sculpture staff were amazing!!!! Dr. Hagstrom took his time and made sure that I fully understood the procedure and was patient with me even after my million questions about the procedure and his experience. I have to say he really knows what he is doing! It was a little more painful than I thought the first day, but I kept moving around as instructed by the Nurse, Angie, and two weeks later I am just excited and thrilled to see my final result because I already look and fit my clothes so differently!!!. Thanks so much Dr. Hagstrom for helping get over this hurtle! I am forever grateful!! Elite Body Sculpture Rocks!!!”

—Sarah J., El Dorado Hills, CA

“~ To start I cannot say enough wonderful comments for this Doctor and his staff. Professional, graceful, caring to say the least. My first visit through my surgery and follow up was a total great experience. I will recommend this Doctor and his staff again and again. I also plan to go back for a second procedure my first has turned out so beautifully.
~ My incredible experience began with the front staff and the consultation. Everyone in the office is kind and extremely knowledgeable. I appreciated Dr. Blome’s complete honesty with my expectations and made clear that I understood what to expect. My procedure was done with little discomfort and I returned to work the very next day. I would recommend Elite Body Sculpture to family and friends with extreme confidence.”

—Review from Elizabeth Young on Vitals.com

“I performed 5 years of research before I decided to spend the money on the operation. I tried multiple diets and exercise programs to get rid of what I thought was just 10 to 15 more pounds. At one point, I went on a very strict program for a month. I finally lost the 15 pounds but my belly and love handles were still there. I ended up putting 20 more pounds back on. It was almost depressing. I decided to get the consult. The staff, offices, and Dr. Blome were extremely friendly and just offered advice. There was no pressure. I said I needed to consult with my wife. They said of course. I explained everything to my wife. She was so impressed that we decided to both have the procedure. It was just as pleasant as promised. I wish I could remember her name, but the preop nurse was fantastic and made me feel at ease. I won’t spoil the surprise, but trust me when I say you feel very happy and at ease when the procedure starts. The operation was just as promised. I can not be happier with the results. No belly and no love handles. Well worth the invesent.”

—Anonymous Review from Vitals.com

“Dr. J, short but sweet, he lets you get to then point and provides suggestions. The results are good for now, I hope now that I can work on weights I will be hopeful to see better results. Elite is very flexible in working with your schedule. I would recommend this place to my friends.!”

—Review from RMS on Vitals.com

“After reading almost every lipo review I decided it’s my turn! So in a nutshell i had my Inner thigh, outer thigh and full abdomen done. Dr. Hagstrom’s background as a surgeon made me feel more comfortable being treated by him. I am very happy with my results, can’t wait to go back to do my arms.”

—Soy M., Sacramento, CA

“The office staff at Elite Body Sculpture is THE BEST! The are so kind and caring and go above and beyond. I was extremely nervous for my procedure but they made me feel so comfortable. I’m one week out and starting to feel great! I can’t wait to see my results in the next few weeks!”

—Anonymous Review from Vitals.com

“Loved my procedure! I have wanted to get rid of my midriff for over ten years! I hated the thought of going under anesthesia, when I discovered Elite, I was thrilled with the entire process…The staff from start to finish was fabulous….Dr. Blome was excellent and the results were far better than I ever expected! There was some pain for the first three days but nothing that was not manageable with Tylenol. I highly recommend this for anyone wanting to have your shape back!”

—T. Hays
text messsage

“First of all I want to start by saying that I’ve been wanting to get the laser lipo awhile ago but my researches made me wait this long. I heard of elite body sculpture from a friend of mine and decided to make an appt for consultation. First appt went great met Dr Hagstorm and his nurse Angela. He explained the procedure and looked at the areas I wanted to get done. Two weeks later I scheduled my surgery date August 28,2014 As of today sept 4 is been 1week. Can I say I Love it ? Yes ! Dr Hagstorm is one of the best at given your body the best curves you’ve dreamed with little pain and no knife or stitches. He is the best at lipo laser and I would recommend you or my friends to go to him without a fear. He’s so patient and will respond to any question u have and make u feel comfortable and safe with his work. I had full abdominal bra rolls and fat transfer to my bottoms. And I am in love. I can’t stop taking pictures even tho I’m still bruised from the surgery. The recovery is alittle tough but so worth it. I have a small waist 25″ Beyoncé butt and flat abs. Can’t wait for the next few weeks to take a pix on a bikini.. I fell in love with Dr Hagstorm work . He’s amazing at what he does and so confident. Which is a plus ! I love my new body that’s all I got to say .. Happy me”

“I would recommend friends. I liked the friendly staff and I also received flowers, which was surprising. The flowers made me feel like they cared about my recovery; more than a post-op appointment.”

—Anonymous Patient

“I did a lot of research about Dr. Rollins beforehand. Two things about Dr. Rollins that made me choose him: 1. He has an absolute passion for sculpture and studied it; which requires skill, and would only enhance his surgical ability; and 2. He is someone that is in the public eye at redcarpet events, and has performed some celebrity procedures. He has an even greater image and a standing to uphold in the quality of his work; he wouldn’t let me walk out of there not looking my best if his reputation could be so adversely and publicly affected.”


—A. Cordova

“I definitely would recommend this to a friend, the doctor was so polite and curious to your needs, I did my arms and arm pits, I literally saw results in the next 3 days. And let me tell you I was amazed at the difference. RECOMMENDED!!!!”

—Anonymous Patient

“I just wanted to check in and let you all know that I am doing great. There are no words to express my gratitude for everything you all did to take such good care of me while I was there this weekend. Things are coming along great- I have been back to work since yesterday and feeling more comfortable every day. Please extend my gratitude to Dr. Blome and the ladies as well – I literally cannot thank you all enough!” Xoxoxoxoxo

—-Elite BodySculpting Patient

“Hi Kara! So yesterday was 2 weeks to the day of the procedure. I know it’s early and there’s still healing to do, but I thought I’d share some updates with you. I’m ecstatic about the results as of now! I just cannot believe it! Feel free to use the pics wherever you’d like. I totally don’t mind and will send updates along the way. Might be good to have some what to expect at 2 weeks, 4 weeks, etc., for people to see. I just know for me the not knowing what was normal and what to expect has been difficult, but after last night all of my fears were put to rest. I am just so so soooooo happy with the results and so grateful! You are all incredible, & I can’t thank you enough for everything! ps…I’ve got about 10 people asking me when he’s coming to DC lol. Keep me updated on that as I’d def be interested in the tummy!”


Hi Aaron, Hope all is well….just wanted to let you know how my chin recovery is coming along….in a word, amazing. I know the result isn’t complete yet because I have the ‘melting snow’ effect you were talking about, but even as a work in progress it looks fantastic. I can’t believe what a difference it makes to my face. I think the result has also been helped by the fact that I’ve already dropped the 10 pounds I picked up from not being able to workout. VERY pleased to have shifted the weight. That being said, you are indeed correct, I’m going to be a repeat customer. I still really want to do my chest, because no amount of exercise is going to fix the problem. Thanks again for doing such a great job.

I know it is 4 am…. but I HAD to write this email…. I am sorry I doubted you guys.. I know you kept saying it is not painful.. but I did not believe you. we even had a nurse with us just in case I needed help and could not move. BUT it IS like a soreness after a workout… SO please THANK the dr. for me.

Helloooooooooo… All healed and feeling GREAT!!! I can not tell you how happy I am with my results! Ok, you are a certified genius!Am glad to hear people are taking my advice. Mother is thrilled and I believe my aunt is next on your table! It has become a family affair lol.

FYI: I love my chin!!!! U preformed a miracle face lift. Thanks for ur genuine kindness and concern. Warmest Regards,


Good Morning Kara, I wanted to say thank you, to you, Dr. Rollins and his staff for being so kind and caring throughout my entire process ? I greatly appreciate that you have been an email away answering every question that I’ve had. Dr. Rollins is AMAZING!! I was so nervous the day of my procedure but as soon as I started talking to him all my nervousness went away. He made sure I was doing ok through the entire procedure and I didn’t feel a thing ? he has magic hands and is the best!! It’s just been a couple of days but I can see the difference already ? and I am ecstatic! Of course, I’m taking it easy since I still have more healing to do but, I’m loving the results!!! Thank you so much to everyone at Elite!!

I had liposuction and fat transfer to my breasts by Dr. Aaron Rollins. I could not have asked for better doctor. Dr. Rollins and his staff are awesome. They are warm and professional, and I felt totally comfortable the entire time. During my consultation, Dr. Rollins was patient and kind. I never felt rushed, and I could tell by talking to him that he was truly excited about his work. He answered all of my questions, and addressed all of my concerns about the procedure. He gave me written instructions, and even called the day before my procedure to make sure that I understood everything. During my procedure, Dr. Rollins constantly checked on me and made sure that I wasn’t feeling any discomfort. He explained everything that he was doing. He took his time throughout the procedure and made sure that my body was perfect. He is passionate about, and proud of the work that he does. He and his staff treated me like royalty. He personally called and checked on me the evening of my procedure, and the following day. The best part is that only one day post-op my body looks amazing! I am absolutely thrilled with my results. My thighs are already smaller, and my breasts are perfect! I am not swollen, and I am not in any pain. I can not put into words the amount of gratitude I feel toward Dr. Rollins. He has literally transformed my body. I can’t imagine being any happier with the work that he has done. I highly recommend Dr. Rollins, and have already referred my friends.

-Shanna R.

Just wanted to check in with my Elite Body Sculpture family. My experience with you all was great and comfortable. I have yet to take off this undergarment to see what i actually look like. Ive already changed my eating habits which has resulted in me not feeling slugish. Also I really appreciate the flowers that I received from you all yesterday, i was very surprised. thanks again. Oh and my sister in law has an upcoming consultation with you all on Saturday =)

Dr. Rollins was genuinely interested in making me feel comfortable & in experienced, professional hands. He listened carefully to my questions & explained every detail about the procedure. Recovery was a breeze & I feel great. I can actually look at my body in the mirror again & smile!!

My surgery went great and Dr. Rollins was fantastic! It has been about a two and a half months and I LOVE my new flat tummy!!!! I have no problem putting my sexy dresses on now!

My outer thighs have/had rather always been my 1 problem spot. Now, thanks to the artistry & expertise of Dr. Rollins, they’re bikini-ready.

I have to admit, i was worried after a few months and saw little results, then bam it came in, and I’m still healing after my surgery in may, any male that is thinking about this procedure, do it! Cudos to Dr.Rollins and his staff at the Beverly Hills location, they told me to be patient, and i finally accepted it, and it only gets better from here. I recommend this procedure to ALL men who are on the fence, take my advice, u won’t be disappointed!

Dr. Aaron Rollins is the best. Areas that I worked so hard to define at the gym was gone immediately. I’m blown away over my results, which are awe inspiring. The recovery time was great as well, very minimum swelling and bruising…by day 3 I was back at the gym, not doing anything strenuous; but nevertheless I was working out rather than lying in a bed not able to move.

As for Dr. Rollins, he’s the best. In a sea of competition he is definitely the big fish. He was very attentive, comforting and efficient during the procedure. And like I said, I already see a great improvement in appearance and a reduction in inches. I can’t wait to see what I will look like in a month! I only wish I had done this sooner.

Dr. Rollins is bomb awesome! From the moment I met him, I knew I could trust him. His calm demeanor and honesty made me confident that going through with the procedure was the right decision.

After meeting Dr. Rollins, I was very pleased because I could tell from the start he was very honest and wasn’t just trying to get my money. He offered his opinion on whether or not to get the Brazilian butt lift, saying I should not fix something that wasn’t broken, and by then I knew I liked him. He was honest!!!! Finally, someone in LA who is not fake!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, I decided to do lipo on my entire midsection as well as my arms and I cannot stress how much I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee my new body and with the help of these AMAZING people I am now so much more confident and happy on a daily basis. I LOVE DR. ROLLINS.

I would do this procedure a million times again if I could and recommend it to anyone who has doubts about their self. It changed my life and I am so thankful I met Dr. Rollins bc now I lost 7% body fat and keep working towards losing more.

When I met with Dr. Rollins, he was so comfortable and easy going, it solidified my decision. I was comfortable bearing all my physical flaws in body, taking in his suggestions and comments.

When Dr. Rollins was doing the procedure it felt sort of like a massage. I didn’t follow the Doctors orders and went shopping the next day, I wouldn’t recommend that, but I was fine. It was about the fourth day that I felt pretty much back to normal. It doesn’t hurt, it’s just a different feeling. After 2 weeks my arms looked so good I was excited to do the rest of my body.

Dr. Rollins always makes sure to call the evening of the procedure.

Hi doc just wanted to tell you that the results are amazing! Thank you very much! Next time i will do my lower stomach.