Revision Liposuction

Tummy FatLiposuction is one of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures performed today with new techniques and new machines emerging all the time. Unfortunately, liposuction also has one of the highest revision rates, with as many as one in four patients requiring secondary procedures to revise unsatisfactory results.

In the right hands, liposuction can dramatically improve the shape and contour of the body and produce beautiful results. In the wrong hands, however, liposuction can lead to asymmetry, an unnatural or disproportionate shape, too little or too much fat removed, or the appearance of indentations, ripples, ridges or shelves. Poor results may occur for a number of reasons, including improper patient selection. Some patients simply aren’t good candidates for liposuction, and this may include individuals who are seeking liposuction as a weight loss tool as well as those with very poor skin elasticity. In other cases, poor technique can lead to unsatisfactory results. Sometimes a surgeon may attempt to treat to many areas at once, leading to insufficient improvement. Other times the cannulas used may be too large and lead to irregularities and bumps.

Revision Liposuction PhotosRevision liposuction is a surgical procedure which corrects or improves irregularities due to liposuction. This is a very challenging procedure that requires a unique set of skills, knowledge and vision. Dr. Aaron Rollins is a body sculpting specialist with particular expertise in revision liposuction. He has pioneered a new minimally invasive technique in laser liposuction known as AirSculpt™ Laser Liposculpture and this is an excellent technique for revision liposuction. AirSculpt™ Laser Liposculpture involves no needles, no scalpel, no need for general anesthesia, and no stitches. Patients are awake during the procedure and able to return to work in approximately two days. Because there is less trauma to the treatment area during surgery, discomfort, bruising and swelling are kept to a minimum. Furthermore, because the fat is removed in a gentle manner, it is ideal for use in fat transfer which may be of benefit in revision liposuction procedures where too much fat was originally removed.
Sacramento and Beverly Hills, Dr. Rollins is committed to helping patients achieve their desire for a trimmer, sexier body.

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