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Laser Liposuction Questions

I’ve had Lipo before and it looks unnatural / lumpy what can I do? I hear this question almost every day. Many of our patients have had some firm of Lipo before and come to Elite Body Sculpture to have … Continue reading

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Laser Lipo for Backs

I’m from Beverly Hills and I’d like to know if laser liposuction can be performed on the back and how effective is it?   AirSculpt™ Laser Liposculpture can be performed and has been performed on every area of the body that has … Continue reading

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Laser Lipo and Tumescent Technique

Is laser liposuction performed with the tumescent technique or are these two performed separately? at Elite Body Sculpture all of our procedures use the tumescent technique and our patent pending Lipo procedure, AirSculpt™ Laser Liposculpture , is always done using the … Continue reading

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Laser Lipo and Waist Contouring

I would like a little more contouring to my waist. From what I have read, I would prefer laser lipo because of its ability to tighten the skin. How long does the procedure take? Is any type of anesthesia required? … Continue reading

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AirSculpt™ Laser Liposculpture

How is AirSculpt™ Laser Liposculpture different from other forms of liposuction I came across your website and was reading about AirSculpt™ Laser Liposculpture. How is this different from other forms of liposuction? AirSculpt™ Laser Liposculpture is the state of the art in … Continue reading

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