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Body Sculpting, Redefined

Premium body sculpture and contouring with AirSculpt®. No needles. No scalpel. No stitches.

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Why Us?

AirSculpt® isn’t just a fat removal treatment. It’s based on a philosophy that guides the patient experience at Elite Body Sculpture. We believe fat removal and body contouring should be as comfortable and minimally invasive as possible. The AirSculpt® procedure is designed to make you heal faster with less bruising and less trauma to the treated area with better results.


The Benefits

  • icon with arrow and clock displaying 24 to signify 24 hour downtime after airsculpt procedures
    24-Hour Downtime
  • icon of wide open eye to signify being awake during your airsculpt procedure
    Awake during Procedure
  • icon of both with a slash crossing out a bruising symbol to signify less bruising from airsculpt than regular liposuction
    Less Bruising
  • icon of a crossed out needle to signify that we use no needs and no general anesthesia for airsculpt liposculptur
    No Needles or General Anesthesia
  • hourglass running out of time to signify the quick healing after airsculpt procedures
    Quicker Recovery.
    Faster Healing.
  • icon of crossed out stitches to signify that no stitches are used in airsculpt procedures
    No Stitches.
    No Scalpels.
    Just Results.
  • icon of midsection and breasts displaying areas where fat is removed signifying that transferring fat to the breasts or buttocks are available
    Fat Transfer Options

What Our Patients are Saying

“The confidence this procedure has given me is absolutely priceless!”

I cannot explain how happy I am for deciding to do an AirSculpt® fat transfer to my breasts! I used to feel embarrassed whenever I wore tight dresses or nice outfits. The confidence this procedure has given me is absolutely priceless!

Tiffany P.
woman before her tummy waist airsculpt
woman after her tummy waist airsculpt
“That was it!? That was easy!”

I was very surprised to find that the procedure didn’t hurt in the slightest! I remember thinking “That was it!? That was easy!”. My results speak for themselves; it’s been over three years and I still have a completely flat stomach.

Jessica W.
woman on the beach
“You guys are the BEST!”

Waking up every morning to seeing this new body is the best part of my day. I hope my before and after picture can help someone else make that decision to get some work done. You guys are the BEST! THANK YOU!

Angel H
man six pack before
man six pack after
“You guys are the BEST!”

Please find a pic of my abdominal, never looked as good as this. I thank you Dr for your excellent work. God bless you

man six pack before
man six pack after
woman's love handle before & after airsculpt fat removal
woman chin before & after
woman tiny tuck before & after
woman tiny tuck before & after
woman love handle before & after
woman chin before & after

Before & After

AirSculpt® gives patients results tailored to their individual preferences. See our gallery of before and after pictures.

Our Procedures


Patented and minimally invasive AirSculpt® technology is used in our Tummy and Waist procedures to get rid of unattractive bulges, love handles, and extra inches around the waist or on the tummy.
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Revision AirSculpt® is a procedure that corrects and improves irregularities resulting from traditional liposuction treatment and other fat removal or body sculpting treatments.
Learn More

48 Hour Six Pack

Patented and minimally invasive AirSculpt® technology is used in this procedure to give you sculpted abs—removing fat to enhance their appearance in a single session.
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Up a Cup

Patented AirSculpt® technology allows for our minimally invasive breast enhancement procedure. Our procedure removes a patient’s natural fat from one part of the body and transfers it to the breasts for results with one full cup size larger.
Learn More

Tiny Tuck

The AirSculpt® Tiny Tuck™ procedure is used to remove unwanted fat and excess skin often related to pregnancy or significant weight loss.
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Power BBL

Patented AirSculpt® technology allows for our minimally invasive Brazilian Butt lift. We remove natural fat from a targeted area and transfer it to your buttocks.
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contoured legs in black icon signifying airsculpt treatment effects on lipedema patients


Today, we use the patented AirSculpt® procedure to help patients from around the world suffering from Lipedema.
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black icon of an arm showing sectioned off area for fat to be removed representing airsculpt arm liposculpture


We remove unwanted underarm fat and custom contour arms for all body types. Far less invasive than your usually arm lift involving cutting skin, AirSculpt® is minimally invasive and only leaves a freckle-sized scar.
Learn More
woman's chin, neck and sculpted jaw in black icon signifying airsculpt liposculture dramatic results


Removing even the smallest amount of fat from under the chin and contouring the area makes a dramatic difference in a patient’s appearance. Patients look more youthful afterwards.
Learn More

Gynecomastia / Chest

Gynecomastia is the enlargement or swelling of breast tissue in males, most commonly caused by male hormone levels that are out of balance. AirSculpt effectively treats this condition with nearly no pain for a sculpted chest.
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Thigh AirSculpt®

Using our patented AirSculpt® procedure, we eliminate unwanted fat from the knee up to the groin area. Surgeons often target Inner or Outer Thighs, depending on patient preferences. .
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Our Locations


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