Our Patented AirSculpt® Technique Gives Unmatched Results,
Safer Than Ever

The AirSculpt® Brazilian Butt Lift removes body fat from large areas such as the tummy and transfers it to your buttocks, giving you a flatter stomach and slimmer waist while shaping your buttocks and tightening your skin.

Using our patented technology, one of our highly skilled, specialty trained surgeon-artist plucks your fat cell by cell from unwanted areas, thoughtfully sculpting your abdominal area and waist. Afterwards, this same fat is inserted into your bottom with meticulous precision, using no scalpel or stitches and leaving only a small freckle. 

Not only will you be awake the whole time, but you’ll have far less bruising and trauma to the treated area compared to traditional butt lifts.

Real People, Real Results

Factors Affecting the Success of the AirSculpt® Brazilian Butt Lift

Many patients think they are too old to undergo an AirSculpt® Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. For older patients or those with complex medical histories, our office coordinates with your primary care physician to ensure you are healthy enough to undergo this procedure. Since the patented AirSculpt® procedure does not use general anesthesia, many of the risks associated with traditional liposuction and surgery are avoided.
A traditional Butt Lift uses a silicone implant to give the butt a fuller, more rounded look. In other cases, gel injections may be used to achieve the same look. These procedures often involve risks and many times patients are injected with substances that can be harmful to the body. The AirSculpt® Brazilian Butt Lift utilizes only your own natural fat to give your butt a fuller, more sculpted look. With our Brazilian Butt Lift procedure, fat is taken from other areas of the body, such as the thighs or tummy, and transferred into the butt where it’s sculpted into a fuller look. Because this procedure uses only your own natural fat, it’s much safer than using a silicone implant or gel injection.


Prices for each procedure vary depending on body size and the area treated. Please contact one of our offices to speak with a helpful Patient Care Consultant and book a free consultation that includes discussing cost.

Dr. Aaron Rollins created AirSculpt because, after seeing just how positively impactful well-performed body contouring could truly be, he developed a passion for it. Despite seeing how it changed lives, he found the existing technology either barbaric or ineffective, so he created AirSculpt which is minimally invasive yet provides dramatic, permanent results. 

AirSculpt is patented, precision engineered technology only available at Elite Body Sculpture. It removes unwanted fat through a freckle sized hole cell by cell with no needle, no scalpel and no stitches all while you’re awake. This revolutionary technology also tightens your skin while it removes your fat providing dramatic, smooth and natural results. 

The recovery for the AirSculpt® Brazilian Butt Lift procedure is the same as any AirSculpt® treatment. However, it’s important not to put pressure on the butt area for three weeks. We provide a special pillow to sit on so the fat isn’t affected while sitting.
You can shower after 48 hours, then wear our special butt lift garment for two to three weeks after your procedure. Most patients have little to no pain and only take Advil® or Aleve® for a few days after the procedure.
After checking with your doctor, you’ll be able to exercise again in about three weeks, however, it’s important to walk or use the treadmill every day for at least a half hour during your recovery.

At Elite Body Sculpture, we are experts in the AirSculpt® Brazilian Butt Lift procedure and ensure the fat is processed and transferred properly into the buttocks. Our doctors’ experience coupled with their expertise and the AirSculpt® procedure assures your results will last.

As part of the AirSculpt® Brazilian Butt Lift procedure, the transfer of fat can be used to sculpt and shape the appearance of the buttocks, as well as remove the appearance of cellulite.

In many cases, patients want to reshape different parts of their body to achieve their desired look. They may feel they have too much fat in their stomach area and not enough in their butt. For these patients, the AirSculpt® Brazilian Butt Lift is a perfect option. Patients can have fat removed from the stomach, thighs or back, then transferred into the buttocks to create an hourglass figure for the whole body.

To ensure optimal results for the AirSculpt® Brazilian Butt Lift procedure, at least two soda cans worth of pure fat should be removed from thighs or abdomen. Contact us for a free consultation