The New York Times Features AirSculpt for A More Refined Jawline

AirSculpt, a procedure invented by Aaron Rollins, a plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, is a more targeted form of liposuction. Unlike liposuction, which removes fat by scraping and suctioning it out, AirSculpt uses a smaller and more precise cannula that works in a superfast corkscrew-like motion to cherry-pick targeted cells. “I can pluck each individual […]

DuJour Magazine Profiles AirSculpt

AIRSCULPT What it is: A liposuction-less technique that effectively removes fat without the invasiveness of other procedures. “We have made body sculpting a luxurious, spa-like experience,” says celebrity liposuction doctor Aaron Rollins, founder of Elite Body Sculpture, which created the patented AirSculpt technique. “The technology removes fat cell by cell out of a freckle-sized hole […]

NY Post: Lunchtime Lipo Gives Women a “Toblerone Triangle”

From NY Post: Want to achieve the “Toblerone Triangle” without hitting the gym? This Madison Avenue plastic surgeon has the quick fix. Dr. Aaron Rollins is offering his patients — like “Summer House” star Lauren Wirkus — what people are calling “lunchtime lipo.” The non-invasive procedure, which costs $5,000, promises women the triangle-shaped thigh gap […]

AirSculpt Featured in OK! Magazine

OK Magazine features AirSculpt as one of its “Hottest New Procedures” “AirSculpt requires no anesthesia, needlesn scalpels or stitches.”

Elite Daily: Interview with Dr. Aaron Rollins

Elite Daily: What Is “Snapchat Dysmorphia”? The Plastic Surgery Trend Is Detailed In An Eye Opening Report “Snapchat dysmorphia is an emerging phenomenon that, according to the research, has some people looking into plastic surgery for the specific purpose of altering their appearance to look like — you guessed it — a Snapchat filter (save […]

Allure: What Happened When I Tried Laser Liposuction

“While I previously believed procedures should remain a secret, I could not shut up about AirSculpt. Everyone from close family to complete strangers wanted to know everything and how quickly they could have it done. It’s become my new favorite party trick because nothing stirs up conversation quicker than fat removal and before/after photos. “ […]

Dance Moms Christi Lukasiak and Jill Vertes Get AirSculpt® at Elite Body Sculpture

Realty TV stars, Christi Lukasiak and Jill Vertes recently had back-to-back AirSculpt® procedures at Elite Body Sculpture’s Beverly Hills office. Lukasiak’s procedure was focused on evening out her body- she recently lost 50 lbs and wanted to target areas of stubborn fat that weren’t responding to diet and exercise. Vertes had fat removed from her […]

Dr. Aaron Rollins, founder of Elite Body Sculpture Featured by McGill University Publications

Esteemed McGill University alumnus and founder of Elite Body Sculpture, Dr. Aaron Rollins was recently featured in the “Medicine Focus” section of McGill Publications. Dr. Rollins, both a successful doctor and entrepreneur completed a plastic surgery rotation at McGill Medicine. He had initially wanted to study sculpture and came full circle, with his successful body […]

Dr. Aaron Rollins discusses Butt Shape

Recently, Reader’s Digest published an article on how to choose the right underwear for your butt shape. Read what Dr. Aaron Rollins has to say about booty shapes. Read the Article