Remove Fat Under the Chin for a More Defined, Youthful Jaw

As you can see in the before and after photos below, the minimally invasive Chin AirSculpt® procedure makes faces look more attractive by sharpening the jawline and improving facial proportions. AirSculpt® removes jowls and tightens skin with minimal downtime. Because the chin heals so quickly, many of our patients see a difference in just 48 hours.

The whole procedure takes only about 20 minutes! As AirSculpt requires no anesthesia, you’ll be awake throughout and see your fat plucked out through a freckle sized hole. Unlike surgical procedures, we don’t use any stitches or leave behind marked scars. Highly effective patented AirSculpt® technology removes unwanted fat from under the chin while simultaneously tightening the skin, providing remarkable results.

Real People, Real Results

Factors Affecting the Success of a Chin AirSculpt® Procedure

Many patients believe they are too old to undergo AirSculpt® treatment. For older patients or those with complex medical histories, our office coordinates with your primary care physician to ensure you are healthy enough to undergo this procedure. Since the patented AirSculpt® procedure does not use general anesthesia, many of the risks associated with traditional liposuction are avoided.
AirSculpt® can be a turbo boost to get you back to your original bodyweight after a significant weight gain. It can also provide a great head start for launching a new lifestyle of exercise and healthy eating.


Prices for each procedure vary depending on body size and the area treated. Please contact one of our offices to speak with a helpful Patient Care Consultant and book a free consultation that includes discussing cost.

Because AirSculpt® is minimally invasive, recovery is much quicker than with traditional liposuction. In fact, most patients are back to their normal activities in 24-48 hours. After the procedure, there may be some minor swelling which is normal.

At Elite Body Sculpture, we are experts in chin contouring. Our surgeon’s experience coupled with their expertise using the AirSculpt® procedure assures your results will last.

It’s recommended you have your surgeon clear you for physical activity during your post-procedure exam.

A chin garment is worn for just 48 hours after the procedure. After 48 hours, the garment should be worn during sleep for the following two weeks.