AirSculpt® is a procedure. It is a patented technology invented by Dr. Rollins and it can only be used at Elite Body Sculpture.

No, the 48 Hour Six-Pack is not exclusive to men. The patient is already fit and has abdomen muscles. We remove the fat on the abdomen to expose those muscles.

It is a fat transfer to your buttocks. We take fat from the areas of your body you would want it removed from, and use it to increase the size and shape of your buttocks via injection.

Up A Cup™ transfers fat to your breasts. We remove undesirable fat from areas of your body and inject it into your breasts to increase the shape and size. As a result, your breasts can go up a bra size.

Due to our technology, these are procedures that are minimally invasive compared to traditional fat removal and body sculpting methods. Our patients are fully awake during our extremely safe procedures. Unlike non-invasive methods used by CoolSculpting® that require multiple sessions over several months, our AirSculpt® procedure permanently removes the fat cells from your body so it’s a “one and done” procedure.

Not really. Due to our technology these are procedures that are minimally invasive compared to traditional fat removal and body sculpting methods. Our patients are fully awake during our extremely safe procedures. Unlike non-invasive methods used by CoolSculpting that require multiple sessions over several months, our AirSculpt procedure permanently removes the fat cells from your body so it’s a “one and done” procedure. You will feel sore post-procedure for about a week, similar to a tough workout.

While there is risk with any medical procedure, the risk is very minimal due to the use of local anesthesia only.

It depends on which areas are treated and the volume of fat removed. We take as much time as needed. In most cases the procedure lasts 45 minutes to four hours.

No, our patients are fully awake for all procedures and can even listen to music or watch movies on their device.

Your chin area, abdomen, love handles, bra roll (back roll), inner and outer thighs, arms, and banana rolls (above the knees). Up A Cup and Brazilian Butt Lift transfers fat from your tummy or thighs to your buttocks or breasts.  Pretty much any area between your neck and ankles. If you can pinch it then we can take it.

One treatment (or session) only in most cases because the fat is permanently removed.

It depends on the treated areas and amount of fat to remove. Usually, at least two to three different areas can be treated in one procedure. However it entirely depends on the fat content and will be discussed further in consultation.

Yes, AirSculpt® is effective. That’s because results are tailored to the person’s body shape, volume of fat removed, and desired outcome.

No, AirSculpt® is not a cellulite treatment.

Smart Lipo is terminology used for the laser. Our laser is patented with our AirSculpt® technology which physically removes the fat cells.

CoolSculpting is a treatment that requires multiple sessions per area. Because CoolSculpting only freezes the fat cells, patients must wait between a few weeks to months for these cells to be eliminated. CoolSculpting results are not guaranteed, nor are they as precise as AirSculpt®. AirSculpt® is a patented technology only offered by us. It is a one-time treatment which gently removes fat cells and provides smoother, more natural looking results over a larger surface area. Each session of CoolSculpting only removes up to 20% of the fat cells in each area, while with AirSculpt® we can remove as much fat as desired in a single session.

With traditional liposuction, you are put to sleep using general anesthesia which carries a greater health risk. Recovery time for traditional liposuction is longer and involves more pain. AirSculpt® is a patented technology using smaller instruments that are gentle on the body, which allows the patient to be awake during surgery and provides smoother, natural looking results. Recovery is also much quicker and involves discomfort, similar to soreness after a tough workout, rather than actual pain.

It varies, fat is dense, not heavy. The fat that you can pinch is what we can take. This is not a weight-loss surgery because fat cells weigh very little. Fat is like a bag of marshmallows: they’re big and fluffy but don’t weigh much at all. With AirSculpt you’ll lose inches and will reduce in size, but won’t necessarily lose weight. Many of our patients return for their three and six month post-operation appointments at a healthier weight because their AirSculpt procedure motivated them to eat healthy and exercise—they’re protecting their investment.

Up to five liters per procedure.

It varies. The fat that you can pinch is what we can take, so you will lose inches.

We permanently remove fat cells however, you can always gain weight. We suggest a healthy lifestyle to maintain results.

Since we are physically removing fat cells it may not be necessary to lose weight. However, the doctor will give you their recommendation at the time of the consultation.

If you gain weight you are more likely to gain weight in areas of the body that have not been treated.

You will get skin tightening with this procedure however, if you currently have loose skin you may still have loose skin after the procedure. We offer the Tiny Tuck procedure to help with that concern in the abdominal area. Your doctor will recommend this if you are a candidate.

To an extent. It is not a skin lift, but the laser promotes collagen that firms and tightens the skin.

No. (BMI = Body Mass Index, which measures fat by your height and weight)

Yes. However, in some cases with adult consent we will consider a minor as a candidate depending on our doctor’s opinion.

No, we have no restrictions on size as long as you have fat to remove.

Yes, you do have to wear a compression garment for two to three weeks. It is like a thick spandex. Some patients will wear it for a longer period as they find it comfortable.

Most patients return to work in one to three days.

We ask that you wait about two weeks after your procedure, however you can and should start walking at least 45 minutes per day after surgery.

Typically no, however the doctor will tell you at the time of the consultation.

Either is acceptable. It is up to the preference of the patient.

Six months from the time of having a C-section or three months from the time of having a natural delivery.  


New York, Chicago, Beverly Hills, Sacramento, Atlanta, Dallas, and Houston. We’re opening offices in Nashville and Seattle as well.

All of our doctors have been extensively trained in AirSculpt® and transferring fat to buttocks and breasts. You can see the doctors’ bios and information on our website:

Yes, we do have board certified plastic surgeons in every office.


Possibly, but not typically. It depends on the availability of the schedule of that location.

45 minutes to an hour.

No, the consultation is free, although we do ask for a credit card to secure that time.

That depends on our location availability. Most of our clinics can get you scheduled within one to three weeks from the time of your consultation.

Monday through Saturday 9AM–5PM. Some offices also offer consultations from 5PM–7PM on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

We do offer consultations over the phone and email, however if needed we can arrange a Skype, WhatsApp, or FaceTime consultation.


Pricing depends on the areas treated and the amount of fat that will be removed, which is determined by the doctor at the consultation.

Most of our offices offer the same price ranges, but pricing may change based on the specifics of your individual case.

No. It is not covered by insurance.

Yes, we offer multiple payment plans and financing options. Your consultant will review all of your options with you.

It’s like applying for a medical line of credit or credit card. The process is simple and only takes a few minutes.