Fat Transfer

Fat Transfers are a great way to get a natural yet dramatic result from your procedure. Here’s how it works: We use our AirSculpt®technique to remove your unwanted fat from problem areas, then transfer it to improve areas you desire.

AirSculpt® technology has been shown to give the best quality fat with the most living stem cells. This means that we are able to transfer the purest fat into your desired area. The majority of the fat transferred will survive and the result will provide a long lasting result.

Brazilian Butt Lift

In a Brazilian Butt Lift, your fat is carefully and smoothly removed from your unwanted spots such as abdomen, waist, thighs and lower back. Next, your own natural-fat is transferred into the buttocks to give a rounder, fuller, and ‘head-turning’ look.

Breast Augmentation

In our Up a Cup™ procedure we remove fat from the waist and or any other area desired and then transfer the fat into your breasts – all with no needle , scalpel or stitches AND as always NO General Anesthesia.

Hand Rejuvenation

If your hands are looking tired and worn from sun damage or aging one of our most thrilling and dramatic procedures is transferring your fat to your hands. It is a simple virtually scarless procedure that can make your hands look dramatically smoother and younger. Many patients ask how this all works and the answer is stem cells.

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