Lipedema Treatment

What is Lipedema? Well, simply put it’s a poorly understood and often misdiagnosed condition, where fat accumulates in the lower body, usually in the buttocks and legs. It’s extremely resistant to diet and exercise and can be very painful. Lipedema affects almost 11% of the female population and no one is really talking about it!

The cause of Lipedema is unknown, but some studies suggest it’s genetic and because it mainly occurs in women, it may also be related to estrogen and progesterone. Liposuction is the only long-term treatment for it. At Elite Body Sculpture, we have been seeing more and more patients from all over the world afflicted with this condition and we are happy to say that AirSculpt® has provided an excellent way to treat it. Our patients have been ecstatic with their results and report they are permanent (of course, after a procedure, a patient can always gain weight).

Because AirSculpt® is a body sculpting process, it helps create a more proportional body shape. This is essential to treating Lipedema as it’s associated with a symmetrical column-like and progressive accumulation of fat in the legs all the way down to the ankles. Our lipide treatment is intended to carefully allow for as much lymphatic drainage as possible while giving our patients more balanced proportions. We typically treat the inner thighs, knees, calves, ankles (if necessary) and then the rear thigh (we call this a banana roll) and take off as much fat as possible to help the legs return to a size that matches the upper body.

Results begin to take full effect about a month after an AirSculpt® procedure and the legs get progressively smaller over the course of six months post procedure. In our opinion, the key to AirSculpt® is the extremely gentle motion and size of the cannula that helps preserve as much precious lymphatic tissue as possible. Although AirSculpt® is not curative, it can improve mobility, improve functionality of daily living, reduce or relieve pain, and improve quality of life.


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