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Elite Body Sculpture Dallas

Focused on your experience, comfort, and satisfaction. Exclusive providers of AirSculpt®.

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Welcome to Our Dallas Medical Spa

In the calm part of town just minutes away from Dallas Northpark Center, you'll find our Dallas MedSpa. Pristine and peaceful, you'll feel at ease as soon as you walk through the door. Our Patient Coordinators will answer any questions, and whether you get sculpted or not, you'll walk out feeling refreshed.

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My total experience has been better than I could have hoped for. From staff answering all my questions in the beginning and setting up my appointment. I’ve gained weight thanks to menopause and could not get rid of the fat around my middle, no matter what I tried. Thanks to AirSculpt, not only is the fat gone, but the doctor was able to shape my midsection and, for the first time, give me a waistline! It was the first thing my husband noticed. The pain was more an I expected but it’s well worth it! I definitely recommend the Dallas office!!

Kelli K.

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The doctor was nothing short of amazing. I came in for a consultation and discussed options for my abdomen, back bra area and lower back. When I say that I cried after my surgery, y'all the biggest understatement. Taking my compression garment off and seeing my love handles gone, a flat stomach, and everything we discussed coming to fruition is more than I could ever dreamed OR prayed for! His jokes and upbeat personality make the whole experience so easy. And the office staff are wonderful. I love my follow up appointments just to see their faces, say hi and show off all my curves! Truly an amazing experience.

Ashley B.

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The doctor and his staff are amazing!!! I am very happy with my BBL experience. I went to work the very next day, and I did exactly what they told me, the more active I was the faster the healing process would be. It's been just that!! Love Elite Body Sculpture Dallas!

Daisy A.

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What Makes AirSculpt® Different?

Traditional Liposuction uses a cheese grater-like tube device that scrapes fat out, often damaging your muscles as well. Abrasive and painful, it involves no artistry or detail. Then patients must deal with more pain and a slow recovery. AirSculpt® may be the legacy of liposuction, but our proprietary tech and process cause key differences. Minimally invasive AirSculpt® plucks cells of fat away gently while you're awake. It requires no needles, no scalpels, and no stitches. Patients walk out of their procedure, and with only 24 hours of downtime, go to work the next day!

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Our Staff

Dallas - Juan Espinosa

Juan Espinosa

Patient Liaison

Dallas - Sabrina Sabin

Sabrina Sabin

Practice Manager

Dallas - Brooke Wheeler

Brooke Wheeler

Patient Care Consultant (PCC)

Dallas - Claudia Avila

Claudia Avila

Medical Assistant

Dallas - Eva Mckenrick

Eva Mckenrick

Lead Nurse

Dallas - Jordyn Ghanem

Jordyn Ghanem

Registered Nurse

Dallas - Megan Stevens

Megan Stevens

Licensed Vocational Nurse


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8144 Walnut Hill Lane Suite 172
United States

Right off 75 and Walnut Hill Lane, Elite Body Sculpture is located just minutes away from Dallas Northpark Center. The most northern of our two Texas locations, it's perfect for any resident in the South or Southwest. For those coming from out of town, we offer concierge services to set up any accommodations necessary for your convenience.

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