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Elite Body Sculpture Houston

Focused on your experience, comfort, and satisfaction. Exclusive providers of AirSculpt®

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Welcome to Our Houston MedSpa

Located in the Women's Place right off Old Spanish Trail, our Houston MedSpa makes your experience lovely from start to finish. Pristine and luxurious, you'll walk out feeling refreshed—with the added bonus of your newly sculpted body!

Procedures Available

My doctor was phenomenal. I knew I could trust him when he answered all 7 million of my questions. From the consultation and support of the wonderful staff of Elite Body Sculpture to my procedure day with the kind and caring nurses- everything went well. I expected a lot of pain but was relieved that it wasn’t painful but rather a bit uncomfortable. The recovery has been very mild and more like a stiffness and a soreness vs. painful. I am looking forward to full results and continuing my positive relationship with Elite Body Sculpture.

Melissa C.

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The doctor was amazing, super sweet and hilarious! He made me feel comfortable through the whole process. Everyone involved was very helpful and informative! I'm loving my results and I'm not even done yet!! I am very glad my year of research led me to Elite Body Sculpture.

Samira H.

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I’m so pleased with my entire experience with Elite Body Sculpture. From my consultation to the day of my procedure, everyone was so nice and explained everything to me step by step. I was so nervous about feeling anything during the procedure, but I was shocked by how there was no pain. At the beginning, I felt a little bit uncomfortable, but was given some more numbing and after that and the laughing gas I was good to go. The first 24 hrs was a little rough with the leakage and the soreness, but after that I was up moving around on the second day. I really haven’t taken to much of the pain medication because there’s really no pain. Just feel like I overworked out. The results are already drastic and people can already see a difference, and it’s just now going on week 2. I’m super excited about the results that are still to come. I made the best decision by choosing Elite.

Amanda B.

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What Makes AirSculpt® Different?

Traditional Liposuction uses a cheese grater-like tube device that scrapes fat out, often damaging your muscles as well. Abrasive and painful, it involves no artistry or detail. Then patients must deal with more pain and a slow recovery. AirSculpt® may be the legacy of liposuction, but our proprietary tech and process cause key differences. Minimally invasive AirSculpt® plucks cells of fat away gently while you're awake. It requires no needles, no scalpels, and no stitches. Patients walk out of their procedure, and with only 24 hours of downtime, go to work the next day!

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Our Staff

Houston - Teneea Tate

Teneea Tate

Patient Care Consultant

Houston - Valeria Barajas

Valeria Barajas

Patient Liaison

Houston - Irma Diaz

Irma Diaz

Licensed Practical Nurse

Houston - Kenia Arzu

Kenia Arzu

Patient Care Coordinator Assistant

Houston - Kenna Micou

Kenna Micou

Licensed Vocational Nurse

Houston - Emily Jaimes

Emily Jaimes

Licensed Vocational Nurse

Houston - Mayra Zaragoza

Mayra Zaragoza

Medical Assistant

Houston - Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez

Practice Manager

Houston - Alyssa Halverson

Alyssa Halverson

Senior Clinical Trainer

Houston - Zaira Arteaga

Zaira Arteaga

Patient Concierge


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Elite's Houston office is ideal for residents of the South. Depending on where you live, it may be closer than our other Southern locations (Nashville, Atlanta, Dallas). If you need help, don't hesitate to give us a call! We offer concierge services to patients coming in from out of town, coordinating necessary accommodations.

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