RevisionSculpt™ Liposuction

In the right hands, liposuction can dramatically improve the shape and contour of the body and produce beautiful results. In the wrong hands, however, it can lead to asymmetry, an unnatural shape, too little or too much fat removed, or the appearance of indentations, ripples, ridges or shelves. Our surgeons are skilled in correcting these mistakes and delivering the results you’re looking for.

What is RevisionSculpt™ Liposuction?

RevisionSculpt™ liposuction is a surgical procedure which corrects or improves irregularities due to liposuction. This is a very challenging procedure that requires a unique set of skills, knowledge and vision. Founder of Elite Body Sculpture, Dr. Aaron Rollins, has pioneered a new minimally invasive technique in laser liposuction known as AirSculpt® which is used exclusively by the Surgeons at Elite. This technique is especially suitable for revision liposuction.

Is RevisionSculpt™ Liposuction Right For You?

Some patients simply aren’t good candidates for liposuction, and this may include individuals who are seeking liposuction as a weight loss tool as well as those with very poor skin elasticity. In other cases, poor technique can lead to unsatisfactory results. Sometimes a surgeon may attempt to treat too many areas at once, leading to insufficient improvement. Other times the cannulas used may be too large and lead to irregularities and bumps.

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