Traditional liposuction and other fat removal procedures can result in asymmetrical or unnatural contours, too little or too much fat removed, or unattractive indentations, ripples, ridges, and shelves.

AirSculpt® surgeons are skilled in correcting these mistakes and finally delivering the results you’ve always wanted. Revision AirSculpt® done by our experienced and expertly trained surgeons can dramatically improve the body’s shape and contours producing impressive results. Get to know our surgeons.

What is Revision AirSculpt®?

Revision AirSculpt® is a procedure which corrects and improves irregularities resulting from traditional liposuction treatment and other fat removal or body sculpting treatments. This challenging procedure requires a unique set of skills, knowledge, and vision. Founder of Elite Body Sculpture Dr. Aaron Rollins pioneered the minimally invasive treatment known as AirSculpt®. This patented procedure is used exclusively by the surgeons at Elite Body Sculpture. It’s especially suitable for revising disappointing results caused by traditional liposuction treatment.

Is Revision AirSculpt® Right For You?

Some patients simply aren’t good candidates. This includes individuals who want to use AirSculpt® as a weight loss tool, as well as those with very poor skin elasticity. The best way to find out if Revision AirSculpt® is right for you is to schedule a free consultation.

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