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Elite Body Sculpture is a great company and business for cosmetic procedures. Dr. Lind was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions/concerns regarding the procedure. He was very straightforward and I appreciated that. Channing was a great help throughout the whole process! I asked SO many questions and she was great about responding and answering every single one. I was able to go to work the next day with soreness, but it was great not being under anesthesia. I still have a couple of more months to see the results. Just remember this will not be a fix-all! Eating healthier and exercising are still super important to maintaining results. Thank you, EBS!
Amanda L
December 2017
Edith M
Couldn’t be any more pleased! I came in with a mindset of what I was expecting and they surpassed my expectations! They made me feel so comfortable along the way. Dr. Blome was so kind and makes sure you know what’s going on during the procedure. He even gives you his personal number in case you ever have any questions or concerns post op. I had an AirSculpt® procedure and it’s been about a month since I had it done. I look and feel amazing! I would recommend Elite Body Sculpture to anyone!
Edith M
December 2017
I must say that the staff at Elite Body Sculpture is AMAZING! They did a FANTASTIC job on my procedure. I was only down for 5 days and back at work on the 6th day. I highly recommend Elite Body Sculpture for their less invasive body sculpting.
Kendra C
June 2018
I am so very pleased with my results! The surgeon was extremely professional and a visionary! His staff was so kind and I felt so comfortable from the moment we had our consultation. I highly recommend Elite Body Sculpture and am just so impressed with the entire experience!
Prisca S
December 2017
If you are picky about results, this is the place to go. If you are looking for exceptional credentials and expertise from a surgeon, this is the place to go. Dr. Adam Schaffner and staff are that unusual combination of professional and warm. The care and dedication to understanding exactly what you want the end results to look like are unmatched.
December 2016
Elite Body Sculpture is very professional and the entire staff is friendly and helpful. They were very responsive. I am thrilled with my new AirSculpt® arms!
Debbie C
August 2017
Tiffany H
I had a great experience! My surgeon was the best! I am in the stages of healing and I could not be more pleased. My husband and I both feel that the process was SO worth it! Anyone contemplating the procedure, go in for a consultation and just do it!
Tiffany H
December 2017
Life changing is what I was told the procedure would be when I went in for my consultation. Those words stuck in my head, but I never really knew that life changing truly was what I would experience until yesterday. I am forever grateful and look forward to the next phase on Thursday. Thank you!!
Raechelle S
My experience with Elite Body Sculpture exceeded my expectations from start to finish. Great staff, super friendly and eased any worries I had going into it. I had been wanting to have my arms done for years and when they opened a new location in Dallas, I could not pass up the opportunity to finally try it. Minimal downtime with maximum results! Highly recommend the surgeon and his amazing staff!
Allie C
April 2018
I am a 39-year old mother of 4, wife, corrections officer, and a happy patient of Dr. Aaron Rollins. I‘ve had an AirSculpt® procedure on my double chin, a fat transfer, and Brazilian Butt Lift. My journey with Dr. Rollins began in 2013 when I saw a special on a nighttime news show about AirSculpt®, a procedure that uses air pressure to remove fat through a 2-mm hole without scarring. I saw how a patient had lost her double chin with a quick 20- minute procedure that they called a quick lunch time procedure.
Gracia T
March 2018
The surgeon made me feel comfortable through the whole process. Everyone involved was very helpful and informative! I’m loving my results and I’m not even done yet!! I am very glad my year of research led me to Elite Body Sculpture.
October 2018
The surgeon and his staff were so great! I had my procedure done on a Friday and was back to work on Tuesday. Minimal discomfort and 3 months later have phenomenal results. Can’t wait to see what my 6 months results will be. Highly recommend for their skill and professionalism. The AirSculpt® technique is truly Amazing!
Mary F
I had Chin AirSculpt® done by Dr. Galanis about 3 weeks ago. If I could give him and the office 10 stars, I would. The administrative staff was EXTREMELY helpful, answered all of my questions, and was very patient with me through the entire process. The consultation was free, which is the first time I’ve seen that… especially in Beverly Hills.
Annie W
February 2017
If you are looking to get your body shaped, Elite Body Sculpture is the place to go to! I just loved the way I got treated since day one. The staff and the surgeon were very specific with procedures and treatments and they also offer financial plans. Elite Body Sculpture got me one step closer to my dream body!
Stacy M
December 2017
I got a full abdomen and ‘Power BBL’. I was initially very nervous about the procedure, but the surgeon and his amazing staff helped calm my nerves. I was definitely sore, but I was doing most of my usual activity after 48 hours. I’m now 3 months out and my results are so great! I have friends notice my results and it makes me feel amazing. Highly recommend Elite Body Sculpture!!
Tiara T
Kimberly F
I am two weeks out from my procedure and I am so excited. I am very happy with my results already. Dr. Blome told me what to expect so there were no surprises. My recovery has gone well with minimal discomfort. Elite Body Sculpture exceeded my expectations. The staff was awesome.
Kimberly F
December 2017
I work out very hard every day and eat right but was never able to have a true six pack. Thanks to Elite Body Sculpture I now have one and am very pleased with the results. I would recommend this place to everyone.
Steve D
July 2014
AirSculpt® was easier than a teeth cleaning. It’s been a year and I still can’t believe how much I’ve transformed. Old friends don’t recognize me and most of all it was just so easy!
Tony M
November 2017
I cannot explain how happy I am for deciding to do an AirSculpt® fat transfer to my breasts! I used to feel embarrassed whenever I wore tight dresses or nice outfits. The confidence this procedure has given me is absolutely priceless!
Tiffany P
March 2018
As a fitness instructor, I am in front of many people promoting health and wellness. I struggled with problem areas I felt couldn’t be improved with diet and exercise. So, I had my upper arms done with the AirSculpt® procedure and the results were amazing. My arms reduced in size, were tighter, and definitely more toned. The procedure was quick and easy. I did not feel pain during the procedure, and experienced very little pain post-surgery. The surgeons and staff are warm and friendly and they made my visit a great experience.
Deb W
March 2018

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